Review: Following Zippy - C.B Burdette

Review: Following Zippy - C.B Burdette - July 2014

When I saw this title at first what actually came to my mind was the old toy Rainbow which  had a friend called  Zippy. Turns out I was so completely off-track and that Following Zippy turned out to be a Lad Lit novel as the main character Gabe is a fifteen year old boy who is bullied for A) being different and B) his best friend Darla aka the girl he has had a long-time crush on , her boyfriend jock Jake has it in for him and one night he gives Gabe a beating which lands him in hospital. Turns out though , that in a way the beating saved Gabe's life just a tad as it is discovered he has more issues than he realised . Zippy starts to come in the novel, just after the beating and it soons is discovered that only Gabe can see her . Is Gabe going crazy or is there a reason why only he can see Zippy ? Following Zippy is the type of novel that combines reality and edginess with a hint of the supernatural as other forces come into play that the reader did not expect.
If you loved the book "The Fault in our Stars" and is wanting a male version - one that boys can relate to - in a way "Following Zippy" is that book for you.

This is a picture of Rainbow ( right) and Zippy (left) :


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