VBT# Holly Hearts Hollywood - Kenley Conrad

Ever wanted your fifteen minutes of fame and posted a video of yourself on Youtube ? Holly Hart has an amazing singing voice and has always dreamt that one day she will be a star. Turns out that her voice is going to be a star but not her per se as she is offered a recording contract . Holly Hart though does not fit the singer profile but her voice is amazing so Holly's family and her move from their small town Cedar Junction in Iowa to LA and Hollywood where she signs a contract to be the voice. Soon Holly finds all her dreams coming true including making new friends and famous ones at that and becoming a star - well sort-of. As the novel goes along though, Holly starts to wonder whether being famous is all that it is cracked up to be and then finds herself stuck in the middle as she doesn't know whether she should be lumped with the interns as she's technically not an intern or hanging out with the real "celebs" as she's not officially famous. 
Holly Hearts Hollywood is a nice teen read with a feel that reminds me of The Princess Diaries crossed with A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. It is also a book where the main character starts to find herself and who she really is and climbs out of her shell.
If you are looking for a fun read that has a musical note to it , then check out Holly Hearts Hollywood. The content in this book can also classify it as a Clean teen read.



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