Thursday, October 2, 2014

VBT# Unrequited - Emily Schaffer

Review: Unrequited - Emily Shaffer - September 2014

In the mood for a supernatural story ? One that is filled with Vampires living among us mere humans undetected ? When Ashton went to a party , she did not expect to be drugged and then attacked but unfortunately her attack wasn't your regular kind and it left her one of the undead -a Vampire. Now her family wanting to get away from everyone and start fresh have moved to a smalltown where Ashton will have to try and fit in but also learn the Vampire way of living. She never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would be spending the rest of her life including the last year of school as a Vampire. Ashton will soon discover that there are other vampires out there besides the one who bit her and turned her into what she is. One of them happens to be working as a teacher at the school she is about to start. For Will , he is over 200 years old and in all his vampire life has never met another vampire until now. He must get to know her and soon the pair with a lot of reluctance along the way from Ashton strike up a friendship which turns to romance. The year breezes by and it's time for Ashton to head off to college , she does and while at college she meets another vampire Gabriel - this one is has a dark side and is different to Will in every aspect. When she returns home , which male will Ashton choose to live with forever ? Will she choose Gentlemanly Will or Bad Boy Gabriel ? 
Find out in this light-hearted Teen Vampire Romance "Unrequited".



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