Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review: Far From You - Tess Sharpe

Far From You

Review: Far From You - Tess Sharpe - March 2014

First off , just a heads up for those who are fussy about what nationality they read as personally for me , I am sometimes not keen on the UK authors as I have found some of their writing styles to be quite dry and lengthy and they seem to go into more details. However, in saying that a few of my favourite authors are from the UK and there books when written tend to draw me in and are a faster pace than usual as I often find the UK books have a slower pace than the American writers.  Also often you can pick up on the language and writing style used , as to the untrained reader it might seem the same but for those who are big readers - there really is a difference , just like there is a difference between the flavours of the white and pink marshmallows. In Far From You it starts off with two best friends Sophie and Mina. Mina is a journalist and Sophie being the best friend and possibly a little bit more seems to be her lackey. One night Mina drags Sophie along to meet a source for a story she is working on , in a flash forward moment - Sophie wakes up with drugs in her pockets and Mina is lying dead from a gunshot. With Mina dead and Sophie not remembering what's happened, she is automatically assumed that it was her fault and she has relapsed into doing drugs. Someone is setting her up to the take the fall for Mina's death. As Sophie is released from her unnessecary stint at rehab, she is determined to find out what Mina was working on and the "real" reason behind what happened that night - not only to clear her name but also bring her friend's killer to justice.  Can Sophie discover the truth before it's too late and she is joining Mina is the ground ? What will happen when she discovers that the Killer is closer to her than she realises and that this case is far bigger than just Mina snooping for a scoop ?
Find out in this Teen UK Mystery and Thriller "Far From You" by Tess Sharpe.

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