Book Spotlight : Player - 21st Century Courtesan - Pamela DuMond

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)

Synopsis : Player - Book #1 21st Century Courtesan - Pamela DuMond - November 2018

I’m a 21st Century Courtesan, the most coveted escort in Chicago.

I’m not hired for the usual reasons. My services are retained by powerful, privileged men who lost the spark that made them great. They pay Ma Maison Agency ungodly sums of money to be with me because I’m empathic. I feel their emotions in my body. I track down the bitter belief that broke them and then I help them heal.

I’ve made enough money to support my family but this work is brutal and I’m getting out. I’m down to my last four clients. One wants to play me. One wants to buy me. One wants to marry me. And one wants to murder me.

I wonder how it all turns out?


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