Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Review: Milkman - Shari J. Ryan

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Milkman (Man Cave #5)

Review: Milkman - Book #5 Man Cave Series - Shari J. Ryan - January 2019
Madelyn seems to have bad luck when it comes to her career choices; she goes from one job to another quite quickly. So when she gets a job fast with a start-up advertising company as a fashion stylist, she is excited. This should have made her suspicious, but she needed a job as her finances were looking bleak and in the red. Wesley Moon was a child model who was only known for one thing - the Got Milk? Kid. He was the cute childhood model with the milk mustache. After that, his resume was filled with modeling jobs for second-rate companies. He has been hired by Madelyn's company to model; the thing is though that he never read his contract correctly -Wesley thought he was modeling for a bring back of his past, not a Breast milk commercial. This picture gets out and will begin a domino effect of not only trouble for the company Madelyn has just joined three days ago but also for Madelyn's personal life as she and Wesley start to form a bond and chemistry sizzles from the page. At least for Madelyn, he is a good substitute for Timber. The Milkman was a fun romance read, that has both it's excellent and enjoyable parts but also can be a tad slow in places.  Will Madelyn be able to tell her future children that their father was indeed "the milkman" or was he just another notch on her terrible boyfriend track records like Nick or the guys who flatmate keeps trying to fix her with her ongoing internet ventures? 

Goodreads Link :  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42898088-milkman


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