Review: Motion - Law of Physics #1 - Penny Reid

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Motion (Laws of Physics, #1; Hypothesis, #2.1)

Review: Motion - Book #1 Law of Physics Series - Penny Reid - February 2019
This is one book that I have been waiting forever for. I was talking to a friend of mine about it, and I said a couple of years. I went on to Goodreads and turned out it was closer to four years since I had read the Chemistry series. It shows when you love a book, how fast you can read it as the one before this - took me almost three days to finish. This, however, I managed to finish overnight. I loved it, and when I turned the last page with that cliffhanger ending, my heart dropped as it was over. At least I had in the back of my mind that I wouldn't have to wait too long between books as she seems to pump the series out at once. It's just the long wait in between the series that I don't like. In Motion, we meet identical twins Mona and Lisa DaVinci. Mona is the academic of the family and her sister Lisa is the wild party animal.  Mona is out with a colleague when her sister rings her with an emergency; she needs her to swap places with her just for a week. Mona reluctantly agrees and finds herself in Chicago acting as Lisa. This would have been an easy task as they do lookalike, but their parents have hired a babysitter for Lisa - Abram who has only met Lisa once, and she was naked. As the book goes along, we do see hints of Mona peeking out and Abram softening around her. What happens though when just as things are heating up, it's time for Mona to go back to being invisible as Lisa's home? Find out in another fantastic book by Penny Reid, and now I am waiting patiently for book #2 to arrive on my Kindle.


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