Review: Inside the Tiger - Hayley Lawrence

Inside the Tiger

Review: Inside the Tiger - Hayley Lawrence - September 2018

Daughter of a politician on the road to getting justice and harsher penalties, Bel has had enough of being her father's lackey in his cause. Just because her mother was murdered, Bel was forced to put on a big smile and her whole life growing up participate in her father's activism campaigns. Now at boarding school and away from that life, she can now create her path. That is until one of her courses requires her to pick a cause and work at it. She has had enough of social injustice and causes, so Bel picks something a little different. She decides to write to a death row prisoner held in Thailand. She chooses Micah who is being held in prison on drug charges. As we can recall from cases like the Schapelle Corby, over there the consequences for drugs is quite high. As Bel and Micah start exchanging letters and she also sends him parcels, the inevitable happens - she begins to fall in love with Micah. Of course, you can see where this book goes, and it does have a bleak ending. So if you are looking for a happy ending, then move along. I was drawn to this book with the whole idea of writing to a prisoner as it has always fascinated me and Inside the Tiger by Hayley Lawrence reminded me of another Australian author's similar themed book Letters from the Inside by John Marsden.

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