Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Review: It Was Me - Anna Cruise

It Was Me (Abby and West, #2)

Review: It Was Me - Book #2 Abby and West - Anna Cruise - July 2013
After a bit of struggling with books this morning as I tried two books before this one and they were both DNF. I felt in the mood to read a book that I knew would not be an automatic DNF for me as I love Anna Cruise's books. It has been a few years since I read the first book in the series, but due to my memory, I remember what happened - well enough anyway. At the end of Book #1, Abby and West were trying to salvage their relationship as Annika had tricked West into thinking she was Abby. This, of course, caused a rift between the twins and West. Things have been going strong for the pair of them and Abby's annual family trip to Arizona is coming up and this time around they have invited West. With Annika not going, West reluctantly agrees. The pair has fun and Abby's family talks West into trying for the Baseball open tryouts. West goes along to see if he still has it and is offered a full ride to the University of Arizona. His only condition is that wherever he goes, Abby will be there as he isn't doing anything without her. They plan to attend and everything is going well, that is until they get back and wham bam - Abby starts to ghost him and without any explanation breaks up with him. What happened between their trip and now? Has West lost the only good thing in his life? Can he prove to Abby that without her in his life, that nothing else matters to him, not even Baseball?  OMG the second half of this book had me going Noooo, this can't happen they aren't supposed to break up especially after everything they have been through as this couple is one of those HEA couples for life.  The second half of this book was definitley filled with Angst . I was glad that West persevered and I was surprised to see Annika trying to make up for the past as she redeemed herself in Book #2.  I'm not sure how long it will take me to get too Book #3 but readers I will get their eventually :)

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