Sunday, January 20, 2019

Review: Three - Jane Blythe

Three (Count to Ten #3)

Review: Three - Count to Ten Series - Jane Blythe - January 2017

As I progress through the Count to Ten series, I had to wonder whether this story would introduce us to another new serial killer and storyline. However, what I loved about this book was that we were not only re-introduced to the killer from One - Ricky Preston but also the killer from Two - Isabel Everette. The pair meets when one of their kills overlaps, and there is an instant attraction as they bond over their shared love of murder and killing those who deserve it. As the body count rises and both killers are now working as a team, we see a combined effort to hunt them down between Xavier and Ryan/Paige. As the team sets out to catch this killer duo, we read as Sofia's stalker has returned and the stalker has it out for Paige as she is attacked and accused of cheating with Ryan. I have to admit I loved the twist when the stalker was revealed as it was like having an old friend re-appear as I knew that there was something dodgy about his character earlier on in the series. As they left the stalker's fate open, I wonder if he will play a part in Book #4 or if we will meet a new serial killer seeing as the killer pair in Book #3's time is ticking.

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