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Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow, #1)

Review: Stealing Snow - Book #1 Stealing Snow - Danielle Paige - September 2016

I have to admit firstly; I was in two minds about reading this book as I hadn't enjoyed Dorothy Must Die as much as I initially hoped. However, Stealing Snow had captured my attention with Snow living most of her childhood in a mental institution. Also, the other thing is I assumed this book was a Snow White rendition, but after reading some reviews, it seems it is more Snow Queen. I think though that the author has grabbed a bit from both of the books and combined them as there are some Seven dwarves references. In Stealing Snow, we have Snow who as I said has been living in the mental institution since she was young when she supposedly tried to walk through a mirror with her friend at the time. The mirror left her with scars all over her arms. Lately, Snow has been experiencing more vivid dreams, and strange things have been occurring. When one of her dream figures takes the love of her life Bale, this sets Snow off on a mission to find him. This lands her in a fantasy world of Algid where she was born and is the heir to the throne. Her father the King is evil, and supposedly her mother hid her away so that her father couldn't kill her.  According to a prophecy, Snow has the power to overthrow her father, destroy him and save the world of Algid from an eternal frost. Along the way, Snow will meet some fascinating creatures and learn some dark truths about her past and her family.  I found the book not too bad of a read but was slow in places, and I felt that the author could have expanded on a few parts - like with Magpie and her "real family" to Snow discovering the true identity of the Duchess.  Overall, if you are in the mood for a rendition whether it be Snow White's story or the Snow Queen - then check out Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige.


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