Thursday, January 3, 2019

Review: Washed Up Royal - Kim Karr

Washed Up Royal

Review: Washed Up Royal - Book #1 Unknown Royals Series - Kim Karr - January 2019
What happens when two royals both wanting to escape from their lives as they know it under pretenses? They have a one-night stand with one another. Princess Victoria is to be crowned the new Queen of Alexandria as her father has now passed. The thing is though according to Alexandria law, whoever is on the throne must be married at the time to inherit the throne, and that has thrown Victoria's plan to rule as the woman she wants to be out the window . Especially since she has broken the engagement off with the Prince she was supposed to marry and according to the gossip columns - has run away with the crown and is busy sulking somewhere. That is far from the truth as she is busy enjoying her life before finding her next possible husband in what is like The Royal Bachelorette interview process. Victoria aka Tori is in disguise when she has on a whim a one night stand with Adrien whom she believes is a soccer player. Adrien is, in fact, a Prince himself - the Prince of Eastwood aka the Washed Up Royal. One thing leads to another, and the pair has an outstanding orgasmic evening and as the week follows can't get each other out of their heads. When they meet again in Morocco, you can imagine both their surprises to find out the other is of royal blood. With the chemistry jumping off the pages, can these two royals come up with an agreement to help one another? To make Victoria a Queen and have Adrien stripped of the Washed Up Royal nickname and made King ? Of course , nothing is ever so simple in the world of the royalty as treachery, sabotage, rumours, lies and even attempted murder will try to keep this royal couple apart as a few people out there don't want this couple saying "I Do".
I have to admit, I wasn't too sure what to expect with this book but it was surprisingly a good read and I enjoyed not only the romance side but also the suspense aspect to the story. If you love the Royal trope as much as I do and looking for a new series to start - check out Kim Karr's Washed Up Royal today.

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