Saturday, January 12, 2019

Review: False Start - Meli Raine

False Start (False #3)

Review: False Start - Book #3 False Series - Meli Raine - TBD 2019
As usual, I love the covers for the False series, every time I see the different colored flowers I fall in love. For those who read Meli Raine's books, we are now in the last book in Lily's story aka the False Series.  We all know who her killer is, and the rest of the "good guys" that is, if you can tell them apart are aware too. We start this book where Lily has been kidnapped by Romeo, and Duff aka Sean is left to die after being drugged by those stupid black spiders that have been appearing in all three books. Now that Romeo knows the truth that Lily can expose him, he must kill her. That is though not before he gets his "real target" - Duff. It seems that the political conspiracies surrounding the Bosworths and the other families involve now has something to do with a programme called "stateless" which trains killer soldiers- ones that have no record of being born therefore can become ghosts. In False Start, we learn more in-depth about the programme and how it ties into Lindsay and Drew's attacks in the first series Harmless.  As usual, we got a few questions answered, but still we were left hanging with more questions about Wyatt aka Duff's brother and the Stateless programme and also when the hell is Harry Bosworth going to get what's coming to him and come on people, you still by now can't think he's not involved. He's like the only OG left alive so far. One of my favorite things about Meli Raine is that she writes her books in trilogies and though they stand alone - they are all build-on from the previous stories.  We had Coming Home, Harmless, Shameless and False and the next three will be in a series called Stateless which I assume will have Wyatt and Duff being prominent characters in the stories. Another great conclusion to an equally fantastic trilogy by Meli Raine and I now cannot wait for the Stateless books to come through to my Kindle.

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