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Review: Dance For Me - Helena Newbury


Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1)

Review: Dance For Me - Book #1 Fenbrook Academy Series - Helena Newbury - June 2013

After having a couple of DNF's and nothing capturing me, I decided to browse through my kindle and read an older book. Dance for Me jumped out at me with the word Academy and I figured I would enjoy it as I loved school-based novels. Fenbrook Academy is a school for the arts and our main character Natasha is a ballet dancer at the school. She is trying to make it big by going to auditions when she meets our male lead. Darrell is an engineer who dropped out of MIT but his mind makes him a genius at what he does as he builds for the government. Darrell is stuck and needs a new muse when he gets a block - he searches through ballet videos as the fluid of the dancers calm him and boosts his inspiration. On this particular day, the videos aren't working so he goes in search of the real thing and on this day crashes into a ballet audition that Natasha is doing and distracts her, making her lose out. He apologizes and pays her to dance for him. She learns he is a millionaire and soon she is dancing while he works and building a friendship. Of course, though sparks will fly and the pair get closer. What will happen though when Natasha learns about Darrell's work? Can she have this on her conscience? When he stands her up on a date and doesn't contact as he's lost in his work - can Natasha come second to his work or does she need to be his main priority? Find out in Book #1 Dance for Me by Helena Newbury. 

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