Sunday, January 26, 2020

Review: Falling for My Brother's Best Friend - Piper Rayne

Falling for my Brother's Best Friend (The Baileys #4)

Review: My Brother's Best Friend - Book #4 The Baileys Series - Piper Rayne - October 2019

I have been enjoying the Baileys series by Piper Rayne and had been looking forward to this particular book as the chemistry for Liam and Savannah has been pretty obvious to readers since Book #1 which was Austin and Holly's story. I have to admit though I was in parts a little disappointed and wanted to shake Savannah and Liam both in this book and tell them to grow some balls and get over both of themselves. This book still has lots of their witty banter and sizzling chemistry but it got a tad annoying as unlike the other books where we only read snippets since this is their story - we have it times x100. I also felt like Savannah had been the matriarch of the family for so long, she forgot how to let other's in and I wanted to shake her and say - it's ok to act human, we are not robots. That cliffhanger which starts the next book - Denver's story made me LOL as it started similar to Rome's story and I am looking forward to reading it. I was glad about the way this ended as it was about freaking time that Liam and Savannah actually proclaimed their feelings for one another without pussy-footing around it as Liam is like a surrogate- Bailey. The other thing I loved was the Gala which was raising money for the library and was a children's book theme, the librarian in me smiled at that.  Falling for My Brother's Best Friend by Piper Rayne was another good installment in the Baileys saga but pre-warning, this book is filled with angst and lots of game-playing.

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