Thursday, January 16, 2020

Review: Fallen Royals - Rachel Angel

Fallen Royals (Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep #5)

Review: Fallen Royals - Book #5 Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep - Rachel Angel - December 2019

Continuing in the series of the Bad Boys of Kingsbury Prep by Rachel Angel, we are now up to Book #5 and I am still enjoying the series but have a few unanswered questions like what the hell did Tempest do in the first place to cause them to want to have revenge on her, as they talk about it in this book and she forgave them as she exacted her's back on them. At the beginning of this book, Tempest has fled back to San Fran with Jordan who is Kaz's brother and now the rightful King to visit Jordan's Aunt Helen whom Tempest is about to discover she knows very very well as it turns out to be her next-door neighbor from the trailer park. Tempest and Lily are busy getting their parents company the 3 Kings back on track and all is well until Tempest hears that an attack has hit Kingsbury Prep and her boys are hurt. She rushes back to take care of them all and during this, her harem of guys grows two more as it now includes Kaz, Hunter, Orion, Jordan and Ricky but it does seem as though Kaz is on the fence as he can't get over his own ego that Tempest loves his brother Jordan too. During this book as well as Tempest dreams of her ancestor Violet - a Kingmaker from years ago.  The dream as we learn is setting us up for a later book as it goes back to the OG Kingmaker Violet and her plight to save the ones she loves. I have been enjoying this series and each book is a quick read that leaves you wanting more and your questions answered. Fallen Royals was another good installment in the Bad Boys of Kingsbury Prep Bullymance series.

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