Thursday, January 16, 2020

Review: What Lies in Paradise - Leah Cupps

What Lies in Paradise

Review: What Lies in Paradise - Leah Cupps - January 2020

Anything to do with social media in a novel and I am hooked and want to read, so when this one mentioned Instagram and how the main character had 400K followers it intrigued me.  I have to admit though that the first line of the blurb "She’s got 400,000 fans. One of them could be the killer" was very deceiving as you learn pretty quick basically chapter 2 what is happening and that it has nothing to do with her fan base, but more her choice of family and friends. The novel starts off with Sydney going to Jamacia for a friend's wedding. She decided to fly separately as she has been grieving since her husband died six months ago and didn't want to spoil her friend's ride over. It's a good thing though she didn't fly the same as her friends as one of them dies in air and the next thing Sydney knows is waking up in an interrogation cell with Homeland Security - the mix of Ambien and Alcohol fully knocked her out. With her friend dead and her other friend's suspects, Sydney is coerced into taking an FBI agent Alex undercover as her date to the wedding. When they arrive in Jamacia though, things aren't what they seem as somebody wants her other friend's death and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. During the trip, Sydney will also learn that she didn't know her husband Jack as well as she thought she did and that he was hiding a lot of secrets. What happens though when Sydney and her friends find themselves in the Crossfire and unexpected people from their past turn up on the island?
I did like the twists with this book but felt a little let-down when the book glimpsed at the major secret that Ethan and Jack were hiding as I wish we could have learned more about it and what happened after as it had "A Simple Favour" feel to it.

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