Sunday, January 19, 2020

Review: Savage Blue Bloods - Devyn Forrest

Savage Blue Bloods: A Highschool Bully Romance - Crestwood Academy Book 4

Review: Savage Blue Bloods - Book #4 Boys of Crestwood Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - January 2020

At the end of Book #3, we read as Headmaster Franklin turned up to the Winter Formal drunk and attacked Kennedy and was seen dragging her away from the others. Headmaster Franklin takes Kennedy down into the secret tunnels under the school and will reveal to her a secret that only the founding families and their eldest sons are aware of. It is a set of rules that is the reason behind why Crestwood and Ridgewood were separated in the beginning and the ideals that the founding families had and a way to keep their bloodlines pure and the consequences of tainting which of course Headmaster Blair committed when he had his affair with Kelly. Kennedy is finally rescued and taken home and with all parties starting to see the cracks becoming bigger in the elite hierarchy of both Crestwood and Ridgewood, it seems that change is coming closer than anyone expected and that it might just be time to set a new town in place combining both Crestwood and Ridgewood as change can be good. We also see Crestwood getting a new principal - which I cheered for when I read who it was. The only thing I didn't like was that during one of the party scenes Kennedy is trying to reconnect with her Ridgewood pals Eric and Wren but only Eric shows, I hated that Wren didn't want to be a part of Kennedy's new life, though to be honest Wren hasn't been mentioned as much over the last three books whereas Eric was a constant fixture and I think his friendship with Kennedy meant more to her than her friendship with Wren.  I really liked how this series finished as it summed up the whole divide of Crestwood and Ridgewood well and how the relationships of all the characters had grown throughout the series to make them who they were in this book before they all leave off to college. The Boys of Crestwood Academy by Devyn Forrest would have to be one of the better Bullymance series I have read.

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