Sunday, January 26, 2020

VBT# Kill, Sleep , Repeat - Britney King

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Kill Sleep Repeat

Review: Kill, Sleep, Repeat - Britney King - January 2020

I have to admit I did have higher expectations for this book as I had heard quite good reviews about Britney King with her psychological thrillers and though I did enjoy it especially with the twisted ending which I definitely did not see coming, the novel itself was quite slow-paced overall and the story felt quite choppy. We start off meeting a character who as I was reading it I thought it was a female co-partner but all was revealed in the last chapter. We then jump to Charlotte who is a private flight attendant but also an assassin along with her flying buddy Henry. Charlotte lies to her family about her job but tries to juggle her family life as well as her assassin job. Things get a bit muddy in the middle when one night Charlotte is out shopping with her daughter Hayley and they are caught by a masked gunman in the shopping mall. Charlotte is then revealed as a hero and her face is plastered everywhere which sets another character in motion whom we meet later in the second half of the novel. I did feel the part about Michael - Charlotte's husband in the latter part of the book felt very rushed to me and could have been touched on a bit more and the same goes with her other daughter Sophie's storyline. If you are wanting thrillers and love assassin novels then you may enjoy Britney King's latest Kill, Sleep, Repeat.

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