Thursday, January 30, 2020

Review: King of Shadows - Amelia Wilde

King of Shadows

Review: King of Shadows - Amelia Wilde - January 2020

I wasn't sure what to expect with King of Shadows and it took a different twist than I had assumed as I was drawn to this book from the blurb as it was a modern dark romance take on the story of Hades and Persephone. I love my Greek mythology as well as modern renditions of legends etc. King of Shadows starts with us meeting Persephone and her mother Demeter. Demeter practically has Persephone under lock and key which makes Persephone want to escape that one step closer. Over the past months, having a fence separate them Persephone and Decker have been making plans to escape to New York as Persephone wants to visit the New York Public Library and see the Lions. This made me smile as it brought back memories of when I went to New York and one of the things I was looking most forward to was also visiting the New York Public Library. (Nerdy right, but then again I'm a bookaholic.)Their plan though is cut short when they are caught by Hades and Persephone exchanges her life for Decker's to save him.  This has made Hades happy as he now has Demeter's daughter in his possession and control. The next part of the book follows Persephone's experience in Hades's control and she goes from Virgin to being a Submissive to Hades. I did get excited when Zeus called asking about Persephone and hoped we had some more background on why she was being protected from her mother and drilled in to hate Hades but that didn't come. The ending frustrated me as it ends on a cliffhanger and seriously WTF Decker, I wanted to play a pun on his name and Deck him one. The cliffhanger for this book was quite a big one and now I can't wait to read Book #2 when it is released.

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