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VBT# Reluctant to Love - Rebecca Gallo

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Reluctant to Love

Review: Reluctant to Love - Book #1 Written in the Stars Series - Rebecca Gallo - January 2020
I wasn't sure what Reluctant to Love was about but was drawn to it from the words the "Written in the Stars" and how each book was based on an Astrology sign. As though I don't fully believe in that side of things myself, I have always found things like horoscopes and tarot cards fascinating - this was why I loved New Orleans as they had this in all forms. Reluctant to Love starts with our female character Eleanor aka Ellie heading to a hotel for a book conference as she is ready for her dream to come true and meeting with an agent as she will finally have her name on the cover of a book, no more ghostwriting for Ellie. At the hotel, Ellie is faced though with her worst nightmare - author Roderick Payne. He was the one who got away and broke her heart into tiny pieces. Ellie was employed as his ghostwriter on the first two of his books and had an affair with him - she fell head over heels until she learned that he was married. Ellie walked out four years ago and hasn't seen or heard from him since, though she has a dark secret that she is keeping from Roderick in the form of a little girl. As Roderick tries to make Ellie fall in love with him again, will he still love her when she reveals her bombshell secret? Sprinkled throughout the novel is also tarot card and horoscope readings. Reluctant to Love by Rebecca Gallo was also a quick read romance.

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