Thursday, January 30, 2020

Review: Dear Diary - January - Lacey Heart

Dear Diary: Tales from Riverstone High-January: A High School Bully Romance

Review: Dear Diary : January - Book #1 Tales from Riverstone High Series - Lacey Heart - January 2020.

Dear Diary: January was a book that I would recommend getting from KU if you have it as it was very much a prequel to this series and a beginning. Dear Diary: January starts with our main female character Avery moving to Riverstone to live with her mother whom she hasn't seen since she was ten years old and Avery is now 17 - with only a year to go till her 18th birthday. Avery has moved in with her mother as her dad has died. On her first day, Avery headed to the counselor's office and walks into Cole Ashford who is the King of Riverstone High. We read as Cole breaks up with his girlfriend Maggie who has this Queen Bee feel about her as well. We learn through that Cole is sick of being the one everyone wants and it seems he wants to carve his own path out. The book ended on a cliffhanger and was very tame in terms of bully romances and read more YA than New Adult. I am personally on the fence to whether I will continue this series, but I will see when February pops up to see what my mood is as it may be a series I read just using KU rather than purchasing. Dear Diary – January by Lacey Heart was also a quick read.

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