Thursday, January 30, 2020

Review: Foul Play - Vixen Kane

Foul Play

Review: Foul Play - Vixen Kane - February 2020

Following the bullymance trope, I was excited to read Foul Play by Vixen Kane. This one stood out from the rest of the bully romance books I have read as it had a twist on the story. In Foul Play, it is a male who is being bullied - Noah. Noah is the new basketball player taking the coach by surprise, he may be young but he has strong potential. The problem though is that the basketball team already has a starter - Alec and he's not happy about being replaced and has managed to manipulate and convince his friends - the other basketball players to bully and scare Noah bad enough that he will quit the basketball team and Alec can play right up to his graduation. The thing though is that Alec is one of those - take things for granted and Noah - he is the "determined" type as he knows that this is the only way he can make something out of himself. Noah's older sister Becca is a Volleyball player and when she finds out that Grayson - her lab partner is bullying her younger brother, she will do anything to protect Noah including getting revenge on the guys who are hassling her baby brother. What happens though when Becca discovers a different side of Grayson and finds herself falling for him? Can Becca trust another jock as she doesn't have a good track record with them - her ex-boyfriend Scott was a jock? Find out in this high school drama bullymance by Vixen Kane - Foul Play.

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