Sunday, January 19, 2020

Review: King of Hyde Park - Lisa Watson

King of Hyde Park (Kings of the Castle #8)

Review: King of Hyde Park - Book #8 Kings of the Castle Series - Lisa Watson - December 2019

Readers of my blog will know that I have been enjoying the Kings of the Castle series as I find this brotherhood and the main characters genuinely nice guys despite their dangerous backgrounds. King of Hyde Park takes us into Dro aka Alejandro's life. Alejandro was given the role of King of Hyde Park from Khali and his specialty is fixing everything. He is the "fixer" of the group and the go-to for getting people out of crazy jams. He is also fiercely loyal to his family including his crazy uncle Santiago - though he will do the favor for his mother this is the last time as things are getting more and more dangerous as he finds himself in bed with the enemy.  Our female character is Lola, she is a bit like the female version of Dro but her specialty is more the PR side of things. Lola works for Alastair Mayhew who has a long-standing grudge with Dro's father and family. Dro is hired to do a favor for Alastair and help Lola clean up his son Shaun's image as it is starting to reflect badly on the Mayhew family name. King of Hyde Park follows not only the storyline of Lola and Dro's budding romance but also as Dro and his team dig deeper into Mayhew - it seems that he may have indirectly been involved with the attempted murder of his mentor Khali - a guy that was a second father to Dro and the rest of the new Kings of the Castle. I have to admit though Dro is probably the hottest one so far out of the models used for King of the Castles story, his story wasn't one of my favorites but still enjoyable and I am looking forward to reading the remaining members of the Kings of the Castle series.

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