Review: Nanny Dearest - Flora Collins

Nanny Dearest

Review: Nanny Dearest - Flora Collins - November 2021

One of the themes of books I love to read is about Nannies and then of course I love my psychological thrillers and mysteries. Nanny Dearest had ticked all the boxes. I do have to admit that this was a weird story and was quite a slow-paced novel. Years ago, when Sue was a little girl, she lived in the country with her mum and dad, and then her mum died and she and Dad moved to the city. Now years later Sue is a young adult and her dad has passed away leaving her by herself. After her dad died, Sue lost herself as without her dad, she didn't know who she was and then this eventually led her to become a reclusive hermit. One day Sue is walking the street and she hears her name. It is Annie who we learn was Sue's nanny when she was younger before her mother died. Yearning for any attachment to memories of her family and life, Sue and Annie start to spend more time together. Spending time with her is a positive for Sue as it means she is coming out of her shell and finally being happy. What will happen though when strange things start to happen and it's almost like Annie is wanting Sue all to herself. Nanny Dearest is a past/present novel and has flashbacks of Annie's nanny days to a younger Sue to now.  Sue got away from Annie once before, but now that Annie has her back will she be willing to let her go again? Find out in this edgy psychological thriller that includes Mental Health issues - Nanny Dearest by Flora Collins.



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