Review: Unraveling You - Jessica Sorensen

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Review: Unraveling You - Book #1 Unraveling You Series - Jessica Sorensen - November 2014

As I have said before one of my favorite New Adult authors is Jessica Sorensen, the only downside is that most series aren't finished. I was scrolling through my kindle and needed something to read as lately it's been difficult to find things to keep my attention. As I started to read this book, some of the character names were very familiar and I was like I'm sure I have read these before in other Jessica Sorensen's stories. Our main female character in Unraveling You is Lyric whose parents are Micha and Ella and we saw that Micha went on to become a big music star/ producer. The main male character Ayden is adopted by Lyric's next-door neighbors and surrogate Aunt and Uncle - Lila and Ethan. Ayden and Lyric connect straightaway, but each hides their dark secrets as Lyric is always happy but is about to discover that even bad things happen to good people and Ayden was sold into a cult by his mother and wishes to find his siblings and unlock the memories as he has slight amnesia. What happens though when Lila and Ethan manage to track down one of Ayden's siblings?  I loved all the characters of this series especially since I was being united with the parents and seeing how they turned out as adults. I am now looking forward to continuing the rest of this series.



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