Review: Make Her Pay - Melinda Woodhall

Make Her Pay: A Detective Nessa Ainsley Novella

Review: Make Her Pay - Book #3 Detective Nessa Ainsley Novellas - Melinda Woodhall - August 2021

If you loved Melinda Woodhall's Willow Bay series and her Veronica Lee, then you will enjoy Nessa Ainsley's novellas which are set before she made her way into Willow Bay and joined the PD there.  Book #3 has a new captain arrive and Nessa getting herself a new partner in Detective Malik Ramirez. In Book #3 Lara Hawke who now works as an environmental lawyer has received an anonymous tip on a case she is working on. She can't make it out there, so sends her best P. I along instead. What her PI doesn't realize though was this was a trap set to kill Lara and now she will make herself a surrogate victim. Years ago Lara struck up a deal and sent a guilty person to jail for only 10 years and now he is out and a handful of people aren't happy at the result. What happens though when Lara is kidnapped? Will Nessa and the PD be able to find Lara Hawke before it's too late and discover the truth about what happened 10 years ago? Also, change is happening, will Nessa be able to accept a new man, someone she respected in her life as her mother's boyfriend? Find out in Book #3 of the Detective Nessa Ainsley series.



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