Review: Her Mother's Lies - Rona Halsall

Review: Her Mother's Lies - Rona Halsall - October 2019

I was in the mood for a bit of mystery reading as lately, I have been a bit blah when it comes to books as a lot had been DNF's for me. I go through stages like this. Her Mother's Lies is set in a small country town in the UK. We meet Martha and her mother Fran. For as long as she can remember Martha has been taking care of her mother and now, she has had her life upended as her boss has just died and now, she is feeling hopeless. This book first has Martha going to visit her dad, someone she hasn't seen since she was 9 years old. Here is her first lie - that her dad isn't her real dad. Who is Martha's dad and why did her mum lie about it? Fran then ends up in hospital and Izzy - Martha's friend comes to stay with her and help her out. What will happen though when Izzy turns out to be someone a bit closer to Martha, than her best friend? Anna is Fran's boss and it turns out she too has a connection to Martha. Who are all these people coming out of the woodwork and how are they connected to Martha? What other lies has her mother been keeping and are they all about to bubble to the surface, causing danger to those who know the truth about Martha and her birth/ parents? Like most UK mysteries, this book was a bit slow-paced and I have to admit for me, the ending felt a bit rushed but overall, it was a good mystery read and sure to keep readers entertained as they try and unravel the truth in this reality vs fiction tale.



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