Saturday, November 27, 2021

Review: Last - Garnet Christie

Last (Copperslane, #1)

Review: Last - Book #1 Copperslane Series - Garnet Christie - May 2021

Recently I posted a little bit about how going into books without expectations can turn out to be the best thing as sometimes the least expected books can turn out to be amazing diamonds in the rough or this case - the treasure in the world of books. This is how I felt with Last by Garnet Christie. This last month, I have struggled with reading, and just under half of everything I tried turned out to be a DNF. For me, that ratio was sad :(. However, back to Last by Garnet Christie, this book was a great read and I felt myself by the end of the book wanting a Brett Walker in my life too. I even really liked the main character Bianca though she did annoy me a little towards the end of the story she redeemed herself after a brief future ghost before the Christmas moment. In Last, the book starts with Bianca who is a writer but currently going through writers' block. She is at her friend's party and catches Monica and a newcomer having sex at a party. In that flash, Bianca and Brett meet eyes and we can see there will be chemistry as there is this love/hate energy between the pair which continues through most of the book as the pair keep getting put together in situations. Brett has never had a female get under his skin so much like Bianca and Brett brings out the feistiness in Bianca who is normally a hermit and introvert. All her life, Bianca has thought that good things never last and she is worthless just like her mother was and her father treated them. Brett, on the other hand, had nothing ever really to fight for but now he is prepared to fight for Bianca and prove to her that love can last when you have the right people in the equation and sometimes good things are just good things and there is no catch.  A couple of the characters annoyed me a little like Bianca's friend Lizzie especially when Saber came back into the picture. I just hope she redeems herself for me in Book #2 - Stay which is Lizzie and Saber's story.

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