Review: In Too Deep - Sherry D. Ficklin

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Review: In Too Deep - Book #2 #Hacker Series - Sherry D. Ficklin - November 2015

Farris's mother's death anniversary is coming up and this year she would have been spending it alone if it hadn't been for her new friend Cole. Farris's boyfriend has moved away and Farris doesn't know where they sit and her dad is off in Turkey on another special Ops mission for the military. Farris and Cole decide to jump off the pier and help Farris face her fear of drowning. However, their evening will take a turn as they discover the body of their classmate Mac. It looks like a suicide but Farris and Cole are dubious and even more so when Farris receives a mysterious note telling her it was murder and to look closely at the evidence. Now a handful of Farris and Cole's classmates are murder suspects, but they have to be careful how they go about things as they don't want to be the next victims of foul play. The end of this book was an OMFG NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! cliffhanger and yes, my eyes did tear up and now readers are left thinking what this cliffhanger means for Farris's fate and where she ends up. The #Hacker series is perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars as Farris Barnett, slides right into the middle of these spy girls.  I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 Digital Horizon by Sherry D. Ficklin and any fans of YA Thrillers will also enjoy the #Hacker Series.



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