Killer Beauty / Brutal Discoveries - Eva Chance and Harlow King

Killer Beauty: An Enemies to Lovers Hitman Captive Romance (The Chaos Crew Book 1)

Review: Killer Beauty - Book #1 The Chaos Crew / Brutal Discoveries - Eva Chance and Harlow King - November 2021

After reading and enjoying Crooked Princess also by this duo, I discovered to give the first book in their new series a go. I enjoyed this one, as well as the author, has their tough guys who surprise those close to them as in this book we have Talon who knits, and then the female is always underestimated but she is driven by revenge and kicks butt even though they don't have faith in her. In Killer Beauty, Decima was raised as an assassin and was told never to leave her room without permission. She has never seen the outside world unless it was during one of her missions which tended to be an in/out quick job.
That is until one night, she hears shots and when her door is unlocked, in rushes her housekeeper Anna who has been shot and dying. Decima wanders out and sees the whole household massacred and blood everywhere, the mess is chaos. She escapes but is followed by four men who kidnap her under the premise they are undercover cops. The guys don't know who Dess is and how she fits into the picture as she wasn't on their manifest to kill.  Dess also has no actual paper trail and her online presence is super clean. Dess has one goal in mind, to get revenge on those who massacred her family but what happens when she discovers that the guys she has grown to trust are the ones who did it? The ending revealed some bits about Decima's past that had me going OMG and I read that last few pages twice as it was a really good cliffhanger and now I can't wait to read Book #2.  

Brutal Discoveries is the last chapter from Julius's POV - he is one of the four guys and swears he knows Dess from a past life but he can't place it, she feels the same but can't remember. At the end of Killer Beauty, it offers a free link to download Brutal Discoveries from Bookfunnel.



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