VBT# Blue - L.E Delano


VBT# Blue - L.E Delano - October 2021

Growing up Blue hated her name, even more so when her name became a way to define her as life turned miserable and she has no one to turn to except the new guy Devon whose life is just as much as a mystery. For Blue, starting back at school is something that she has been dreading as Maya is coming back. A few months ago, Blue's brother was involved in a car crash and Maya's dad was killed. Now she can't help but take out her anger on Blue, as since she is suffering, so should Blue. What happens next though is that the school will force Maya and Blue to work together and the pair will discover that despite their differences that they are both hurting and have no one else they can vent to, that truly understands. Meanwhile, Devon is also going through a hard time as his family has become walking Zombies filled with grief and Devon feels like he is losing himself also. Blue was a great coming of age story but also filled with a lot of angst and grief and shows readers too that everyone wears masks and hides behind a facade and you never know what goes on beneath the surface and that sometimes you just need to ask a simple " U OK?" as that may just make all the difference in the world - having someone to talk too

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