Sunday, November 14, 2021

Review: My Husband's Fiancee - Wendy Owens

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Review: My Husband's Fiancee - Wendy Owens - November 2021

Elizabeth Foster has been convicted of murder and the person she supposedly murdered was her husband Nathan's mistress Amelia. The thing though is that Liz had planned to murder her, but last minute decided not to go through with it but she turned up dead anyway. If Liz, didn't kill her, then who did? In Liz's mind, she is being set up by her husband Nathan. Now after a year in prison, she is visited by her husband's new fiancée Evelyn. Evelyn is engaged to Nathan and wants Liz to sign the divorce papers, so she and Nathan can move on with their new lives together.  Liz decides that this is her chance to get someone to hear her side of the story and maybe save her from being in prison for something that she is adamant that she never committed, so Liz proposes to Evelyn to hear her side of the story and at the end of it- she will sign the divorce papers. About halfway through the book, something got a bit fishy about Evelyn for me and that was later confirmed. I have to admit that this was a very twisty psychological thriller and one that shows with a bit of patience and the right opportunity, how easy it can be to get away with murder.  The ending I do have to admit frustrated me a little bit and had hoped it would have been a bit deeper rather than a surface confession as it gave us a little hope that the story was crazier than we initially thought but then it just glossed over what was revealed.  Overall, if you love psychological thrillers and don't mind cheating as this is a main part of the storyline, then you will enjoy My Husband's Fiancée by Wendy Owens.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wHgHW1

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