Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Ciao - Melody Carlson

As a big fan of Melody Carlson's books , I was ecstatic to see that the 6th book in the On the Runway series featuring Paige and Ellen Forrester  was avaliable to review on Netgalley :)

Ciao (On the Runway)
Review: Ciao - On the Runway Book #6- Melody Carlson- Feb 2011
It seems as though this maybe goodbye to our On the Runway cast Paige and Erin Forrester . In Ciao which by the way is Italian for Goodbye , we see the girls off to Milan eventually but not before heading to New York. So , what's our favourite characters been up to as it feels like a while since Ive read a On the Runway novel. Paige's engagement to Dylan has been called off or is it back on as at the end of Book #5 in the Bahamas we read as Dylan stayed the night in Eliza's room , though Dylan swears black and blue nothing happened, his actions and Eliza's words speak otherwise. Can Paige and Dylan work things out or is this the end of the happy couple ? Benjamin Kross and Blake are about to get a taste of their own reality show and it's move over On the Runway and Hello Celebrity Blind Dates. Is Blake ready for the big screen ? Fran's leukemia isn't going well but thank goodness that they have found a bone marrow transplant for her , as she goes in for surgery - will the results be positive or is it sad news for the On the Runway cast ? Paige and Erin's mum is over the moon with her new husband Jon but when she leaves Channel 5 News to help step into Fran's shoes - can she switch between the roles of Mother, Parent to Producer/Director ? Mollie , is the proud mother of a baby girl called Fern -she should be happy but Mollie is suffering from a case of PPD - Post Partum Depression aka Baby Blues , can Erin get the help Mollie needs ?
Find out all this and more in Ciao -On the Runway by my favourite Christian Author Melody Carlson.

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