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Review: Sisterhood Everlasting - Ann Brashares

Growing up I was a huge fan of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series , I envied the relationship they had and I just loved the fact that they had a pair of pants that fitted them all and they had rules for the pants etc , that and Ann Brashares became one of my favourite authors (hence that I have read all her books).
This review is for all those out there that have too read The Sisterhood of the Travellling Pants and like me have or own in my case the films #1 and #2 of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Sisterhood Everlasting: A Novel (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
Review: Sisterhood Everlasting - Book #5 Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Series - July 2011
When I got this book in the mail , I was ecstatic and over the moon as growing up I was a huge fan of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants , reading the tales of Lena , Tibby, Carmen and Bridget who have known each other their whole lives. The first book started with the four of them finding a pair of pants at an op shop and surprisingly enough , the pants fitted them all perfectly yet they were all different sizes, heights and builds. These pants become known as "The Travelling Pants" and eventually - a list of rules were made and the pants were sent off each week to the girls -one after the other. This happened for Four Novels until Lena's sister Effie stole the pants in Book #4 and lost them somewhere in Greece. Now years later , the girls are all in their 30's and have grown up and unfortunately despite their best efforts also grown apart from each other. Each of them living their own lives though surprisingly enough , it seems that it's not the lives each of the girls envisioned for themselves. Carmen, always the actress of the foursome went off to become a TV actor on a Crime show and is engaged to Jonas whose also in the Entertainment business , Tibby went to Australia with Brian as he got a job in a software company down under , Bridget ended up with Eric of course and Bridget being the continual free spirit is finding it hard to stay settled and Lena - always the artist is teaching Art lessons though of course her heart aches still for Kostos as she hasn't gotten over him. When the girls suddenly receive a letter and a plane ticket each from Tibby inviting them to Greece , the Sisterhood jump the chance to have a reunion in hopes of re-connecting their sisterhood. However , unfortunately tragedy strikes and soon the sisterhood will be down to three and will leave the girls and the readers grasping for answers as in "What the hell just happened here ?" . It seems our Tibby had an alternative agenda up her hands as the girls are given letters , each addressed from Tibby with instructions and the letters aren't to be open till a specific date. Each letter will soon send the girls on a journey that they weren't expecting , a journey that will impact and change the course of their lives forever. Bridget will travel to Australia , back to America and confront Eric with a secret that she has been afraid to tell him in case it tear them apart , Carmen will find herself travelling to Pennsylvania and re-considering whether her wedding to Jonas is right or wrong , Lena will see her heart and self re-connected with Kostos and will this finally be the happy ending we have been waiting for like ever and Brian has a surprise, something that Tibby left behind for the three girls.
Sisterhood Everlasting is the ideal read for all those young adults /women out there that has religiously followed the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants Saga by Ann Brashares.

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