Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: A Heart Divided - Kathleen Morgan

Wanting a Christian Historical novel filled with two feuding families and romance on the side ?

Heart Divided, A: A Novel (Heart of the Rockies)
Review: A Heart Divided - Heart of the rockies Book #1 - Kathleen Morgan - May 2011
Wanting a historical Christian fiction with a tale of Feuding and Romance ? Kathleen Morgan's "A Heart Divided" tells the tale of two feuding families -The Caldwells and The Wainwrights. Years ago, when Nick Wainwright was eight years old . His family won the Caldwell ranch in a poker game from the Jacob Caldwell. This ruined the Caldwell family and ended in not just a tragedy but an long-standing rivalry between the Caldwells and th Wainwrights. Now the youngest of the Caldwells - Danny is unwell with asthma and the Caldwell family have come to collect what they are owed to pay for his medical bills. However , this is done the Wild Wild West way which in other words means it's robbing time . With the Wainwrights supposedly out for the night , the Caldwells make their dash in to steal the money . It's up to Sarah as the only girl to distract the ranch-hand guarding the farm , however what they don't realise is that the ranch hand turns out to be Cord Wainwright- one of the sons. As the story unfolds , Cord ends up holding Sarah under house arrest in his cellar and soon the pair of them start to hit it off until Nick Wainwright comes into the picture and it soons turns out to be every brother for themselves. When a decision is made to save not only her family but to also mend the rift - Will Sarah accept ? Will Sarah eventually marry her true love or will their loyalties lie with their families and the tension and anger between the Caldwells and Waiwright men prove to be too strong that even love cannot mend it or will God provide Sarah with the strength to perform a miracle of sorts ?
Find out in Kathleen Morgan's new series " A Heart Divided".

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