Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Spellbound - Kelley Armstrong


Wanting to read the latest novel by Kelley Armstrong ? Book #12 in her Otherworld series ?

Spell Bound (Otherworld, Book 12)
Review: Spellbound - Otherworld Series Book #12 - Kelley Armstrong- July 2011
For all those who read #11 "Waking the Witch" by Kelley Armstrong, will find themselves at home with Spellbound as in some sorts it reads like a sequel. For those who haven't read Waking the Witch, I'd strongly advise you too before reading Spellbound as you may be a tad confused with what is actually happening. In Waking the Witch, we saw Savannah Levine solve two murders which were related and a couple of non-related murders. The murders however lead Savannah to a commune of cookie bakers who were into something more sinister as a couple of their members turned out to be dabbling in the dark arts. We read as half-demons were revealed, summoned, black magic used and most of it in the name of revenge. In Spellbound, we saw Savannah, make a wish and due to some evil sorcerers out there with the power to grant it - she lost all her powers. Now with Witch hunters on her tail , and the rise up of people against the supernatural - Savannah must lean of her own two feet and pull some favours from her family connections , so expect to see alot of familiar and old faces in Spellbound from Hope - Lucifier's daughter who is experiencing visions during her pregnancy of a war and Savannah holding a sword , though is it really Savannah or her mother Eve ? Jamie - the necromancer , who has Savannah's parents Kristof Nast and Eve Levine as her spirit guides , Elena/Jeremy and Clay- the Werewolves and of course we see the return of Paige and Lucas from their honeymoon in Hawaii , as well as a whole bunch of old family acquaintances of Eve's and Savannah's. Can the Supernaturals band together to fight a war that seems to be coming at them and quickly too , will it come to every supernatural for themselves ? Is Savannah , their saviour who can fight to save not only the people she loves and herself but also to keep the Otherworld from falling apart?
Find out what happens when Savannah Levine - Witch has to use and rely on her human abilities to save those from supernatural abilities. As always Kelley Armstrong has done an amazing job and reading through her list of titles in the front , it seems that there are four books of hers I have to read : Her Nadia Stafford Series - Exit Strategy , Made to be Broken and Books #2 and #3 - The Awakening and The Reckoning in her Darkest Powers Series.

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