VBT# The Last Seal - Richard Denning

Today's VBT# is author Richard Denning and his book "The Last Seal" , the perfect book for readers of adventure and historical moments in history. It is part of a series called The Praesidium Series.

The Last Seal
Synopsis: The Last Seal - The Praesidium Series - Richard Denning - July 2011
Richard Denning's The Last Seal is a fast-paced and compelling historical fantasy adventure for young adults. It's fundamentally a story about a struggle between two secret societies (Praesidium and Liberati) and a fight between good and evil, but it's also a story about the Great Fire of London, which destroyed parts of London in September 1666. The members of the Praesidium try to protect the city of London from an evil demon called Dantalion and the members of the Liberati try to free Dantalion.
17th century London - two rival secret societies are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and beyond. When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that binds a powerful demon beneath the city, he is thrown into the centre of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of 1666.
The Last Seal is a Historical Fantasy set against the backdrop of this, the greatest disaster in London's history. The Last Seal: Gunpowder and Sorcery in 1666. The Last Seal is ideal for  young adults,due to it's combination of fantasy and adventure. I think that teenage boys will like this book very much, because it's full of action and the characters find themselves in all kinds of predicaments. I'm sure that adult readers will also enjoy this book, because it's entertaining and enjoyable escapism for fantasy readers.

The Author

Richard Denning was born in Ilkeston in Derbyshire and lives in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, UK, where he works as a General Practitioner (family doctor). He is married and has two children. He has always been fascinated by historical settings as well as horror and fantasy. Other than writing, his main interests are games of all types. He is the designer of a board game based on the Great Fire of London.

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