Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Perfect - Sara Shepard

I guess I couldn't wait to read the next installment of Pretty Little Liars , so reader's here is Book #3 in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.
Perfect. Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars)
Review: Perfect - Book #3 Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard- November 2010
Nobody's Perfect as we are about to discover in the 3rd Book in the Hit Series "Pretty Little Liars" , I tried to read only one Pretty Little Liar book a day as I have 9 to get through and have a bookshelf filled with other books to read but what can I say, Im hooked on it. I just have to find out more..... . In Book #3 Perfect , we read as this is the book that sees Spencer questioning whether she killed Ali or not and also Spencer is nominated for the Golden Orchid award which she used Melissa's essay . Will Spencer tell her family the truth or will "A" send a lovely text to Melissa revealing the truth ? Emily couldn't keep her mouth shut and just had to go running to Officer Wilden about "A" , and "A" warned her something bad would happen if she did - now the photos of Maya and Emily kissing are all over the school and her parents have been notified. Emily's uber-strict parents have given Emily an ultimatum - attend Tree-tops which is like a homosexual reform camp or go stay with her country bumpkin Aunt Heather in Iowa ? What will it be Em and you know "A" is always watching ? Aria has been kicked out of home after "A" revealed to her mum about the affair between Byron and Meredith- an affair Aria knew all about , reading The Scarlet Letter - Aria heads to Hollis to paint an "A" on Meredith's dress and it seems that Aria has been getting extra credit as she is still sleeping with Ezra Fitz - her English Teacher. Uh-Oh , somebody's in trouble as "A" sends Sean -Aria's so-called Boyfriend a pic of Aria and Mr Fitz kissing and the police catch them in the act ? What has "A" done by sending Ezra to jail ? and Poor little Hanna , she is losing all her old friends like BFF Mona but she has made a new friend in Lucas . What will happen though when "A" slips up and Hanna recognises the phone number ? Is this bye-bye to Hanna as "A" runs her over and Hanna's life is left dangling ? As "A" can't afford to take anymore chances, she leaves Perfect with one last text.....
"She Knew too Much - A".

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