Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Her Fallen Angel - Felicity Heaton

Wanting another Fallen Angel novel to read ? Have you been reading Felicity Heaton's Angel Romance series ?
Her Fallen Angel (Her Angel Romance Series)
Review: Her Fallen Angel -Her Angel Romance Series #2 - Felicity Heaton -October 2010
Coming back from a Book Conference today titled "Publishing with Passion" , it got me thinking as I turned the pages of Her Fallen Angel . One of the guest speakers was Kate Stone from Harper Collins and she explained how in the world of trends, it seemed that Vampires were on their way out and Angels were slowly forcing there way in which made sense with Lauren Kate's series, Alexandra Adornetto's , LA Weatherly etc and of course today's author Felicity Heaton. In her 2nd book in the Her Angel Romance series we meet Mortal Annelie and Fallen Angel Lukas . Annelie is a bartender and for the past few months , Lukas has been coming in and out drinking at the bar and Annelie as each day passes has been falling hard for him , and then one day without a word -he disappears and is gone for three weeks and when he returns he is different , he seems lost and sad. Annelie feels for Lukas and decides to talk to him , giving her an opening line. The two of course end up going back to his house and having wild Angel/Mortal Sex , though Annelie does not believe he is an Angel and when he tells her the truth, we wonder if she will flee or stay ? We soon discover what she choose and we see the two of them getting closer. Annelie soon discovers that Lukas is a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven for a crime , he says he is innocent . Lukas won't rest until he is proven to be correct and find out who is trying to frame him. In Her Fallen Angel we see the Reunion of characters Apollyon and his mortal girlfriend Serenity as they help Lukas to discover who framed him but as they near the answer, it puts Serenity and Annelie in jeopardy , will the two fallen Angels be able to save their loved ones or will they be forced to make a choice between being redemmed and love ?
Find out in this fast paced and another wonderful installment of Felicity Heaton's Her Fallen Angel - Her Angel Romance Series.

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