Review: Better When He's Bad - Jay Crownover

Review: Better When He's Bad - Book #1 Welcome to The Point Series - Jay Crownover - June 2014

Shane Baxter, isn't just a bad boy - he's one of the baddest and has just gotten out of prison after serving a five year sentence and now that he's out he's got a few things on his mind. The first of course is every man's desire after being locked up for so long is to have sex, the second is to find his mate Race and last but not least - kill Novak -the main guy behind the reason he landed in jail. However, things have changed on the outside while Shane has been gone and his friend Race is nowhere to be seen. Race was on the fast-track to a Ivy League school and a ticket out of this no-good place but turns out other things more important than school and a ticket out turned up when Race discovered he had a younger half-sister called Dovie. We read as Race has disappeared and everyone wants a piece of him and more importantly his sister is worried and of course we all know how 'real' bad guys are - they will kill and torture anyone in their way and right now the only connection to Race is Dovie. This novel follows the relationship between Baxter and Dovie and soon we realise she is the only one he lets call him "Shane" as when it's just the two of them , she gets the gentle , sensitive and nice guy hiding underneath all that bad facade.  This was definitely a harder read than most and does focus on what I can imagine is the lowlife and hard-up type of life with drugs, gangsters and dropkick parents who are more interested in their next fix, than their children.
 If you are a fan of books and characters like "Twitch" , then check out Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover as you will be adding Shane Baxter to your Book Boyfriend List.


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