Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Riding Steele #4 - Wanted - Opal Carew


Review: Riding Steele - Book #4 Wanted - Opal Carew - November 2014

Continuing on with Opal Carew's serial "Riding Steele" I bring to you Part #4 and I have to say that after reading up to this book , it has renewed my interest in reading Biker books - so I will have to start reading the many biker books on my Ipad.  At the end of Book #3 Collide , we read as an arrest warrant had gone out for Laurie by her ex-boyfriend Donovan and now Steele and his Biker buddies have up and left their cabin and are headed elsewhere, where they cannot be found. In this book we also read as Steele is falling for Laurie and vice versa , but as we read on we are about to discover that their is double standards when it comes to girls and the sex vs relationship issue comes up. This causes Steele to ride off in a huff and also at a crucial point in the story as Killer - the cop has managed to strike up a deal. Will they make it back in time for the deal to work and Laurie be let off the charges ? What will happen though when the guys aren't there to protect Laurie and things go haywire and she finds herself kidnapped once again and this time, the guys aren't as nice as Steele's crew.
Find out in Book #4 Wanted by Opal Carew and stay tuned as I read and review the last two episodes in this six part serial.


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