VBT# Honeymoons are Overrated - Libby Thomas

Review: Honeymoons are Overrated - Libby Thomas - November 2014

Sam and Luke are finally getting married and their best friends Lisa and Chad have been designated as the Maid of Honour and Best Man. Now this would be an easy feat if the pair actually liked each other but for the past year and a half that they have known each other they have been enemies. Now being put together for the wedding, the two have been spending a bit more time together and guess what, they seem to be getting on well for two people who claim they can't stand one another. When the day of the wedding arrives , things start to go from normal to mayhem and eventually ends in a hiccup when the bride collapses and is rushed to hospital. This is where the story starts to get interesting as they have booked a non-refundable honeymoon week at a couples resort and they can't use it. So Sam decides to offer her ticket to Lisa and Luke offers his to Chad, without the other knowing what has been done. Is tragedy about to happen on the trip when the two find out that they are both headed to the same destination and have to share the same room and bed ?
Will the pair of them discover more than they meant to of each other on this trip and one question you will ask is What has happened to all the condoms on the island ? 
Honeymoons are Overrated is a fun chick-lit which explores the mishaps and mayhems of weddings but also shows readers that sometimes more often than not , opposites do really attract.



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