Thursday, November 20, 2014

VBT# Conflicted - MM Koenig


Review: Conflicted - Book #1 Secrets and Lies - MM Koenig - December 2013
Mia Ryan had her whole life ahead of her until her boyfriend and best friend Micah, decided to ruin her life - first by dumping her and leaving her with a note and not even a goodbye and second which hurt her most was getting her kicked out and expelled from the journalism programme at the University. Mia had everything going for her from good grades to being editor of the school newspaper - journalism was her life and her get out of the bad side of the hood card, a way to move on from the life she was born into. What happens then when she is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime and if she delivers then she will be on the way to an amazing journalism career despite her expulsion. Her advisor's best friend Harrison Read owns Inside Out - a magazine and publication that has alot of pull for being the best of the best. He is currently doing an expose of undercover crime cover-ups and businesses that are a front. He needs an inside person though for the finance firm, this is where Mia comes in - he wants her to get the job as an entry-level and spy on the owners and report to him any misgivings of the company she discovers. Mia gets the job and meets one of the owners Ethan Fitzgerald - there is something about Ethan that sets her heart on fire and something about him that draws her in and makes her heart want to trust him. For Mia this is a major deal, as she is not the type of girl to let just anyone come near her , let alone inside herself.
What will happen though , when Mia starts to fall for Ethan and vice versa and she realises that she has been duped and played and that he isn't the bad guy that everyone thinks he is and that in fact Harrison might be the bad one ? Can Mia keep up the double life of all the secrets and lies or will one of her lives have to be ended in order to be happy and realise that what she wants is to be where her heart says .

Find out in this awesome gritty and edgy New Adult which everyone should read and while reading it I got a feel that was similar to the TV Shows "Mob Doctor" and "Made in Jersey".

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