Review: First Position - Melody Grace

Review: First Position - Book#1 Dirty Dancing - Melody Grace - November 2014

In the mood for a new serial to read ? Love Ballet Dancers and the movement of romance and musicality ? In Melody Grace's new 3 part serial she brings to you the togetherness of Dance and Romance. In First Position we are introduced to the main two characters - Annalise aka Anna who is a ballet dancer due to her mother being a prima ballerina growing up , it is supposed to be in her blood but unlike her mother Anna doesn't have the same drive and passion for the ballet world. However, when a last minute cancellation lands Anna on a trip to Rome with the Ballet Academy she takes the spot and finds herself in a strange part of the world. It is on one of her touring days , she spots a dance troupe containing Raphael who together they have an instant attraction. What will happen though when tragedy strikes at the end of the first serial which will have Anna's career as a ballet dancer hanging on the edge when a night out with Raphael ends up with a broken bone. Is this the end of her career as a dancer before it has even started ? How will she face the music when the consequences are revealed ? Find out in Book #1 of the Dirty Dancing serial by Melody Grace.


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