Review: Riding Steele - #6 Aftershock - Opal Carew


Review: Riding Steele - Book #6 Aftershock - Opal Carew - December 2014

As I come to the end of this serial , I have to say I really enjoyed it and it has renewed  my love in wanting to read more Biker Books and MC ( Motorcycle Club) novels, which is a good thing as I have many to read on my Kindle app. At the end of Book #5 Crossroads we saw it end with the crossroad of a love affair between Steele and Laurie and to whether or not they would be able to continue their feelings for one another. In this book we read as Steele rode off into the sunrise leaving Laurie to try and find stability in her life.  Laurie realises that what she wants is Steele and will do anything she can to win him back , even if it means contacting Wild Card to come and pick her up and take her back to where they are staying. Can Laurie prove to Steele that she isn't just some broken girl whose looking for attention, but that she has really fallen for him and that deep down he knows it and loves her too ? 
Can these two move past the aftershocks of what has happened over the last week or so and prove that they can overcome anything ?
Find out in the last part of this awesome serial by Opal Carew. 



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