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Review: Here, Home, Hope - Kaira Rouda

Here, Home, Hope 
Review: Here, Home, Hope - Kaira Rouda - May 2011
After reading Kaira's book "In the Mirror" and really enjoying it , I decided when offered the opportunity to read the other books by Kaira Rouda as I discovered that her books fill me with a joy and remind me of the author Rachel Hauck and Sara Evans. In Here, Home, Hope we meet Kelly who is in her last year before the big 4-0 and has discovered her life is filled with restlessness and she knows she has to do something, anything otherwise she is bound to go stark crazy and do something she regrets.  The story starts with her at the dentist and then on her way home . As she's coming home , she sees that her next door neighbour Heidi has up and left her family and her friend Charlotte is selling the house. The scene then cuts to Charlotte and Kelly enjoying some drinks when they are interrupted by Kathryn who comes to Kelly in tears and Charlotte departs. Readers discover that Kathryn's marriage is falling apart and her daughter has an eating disorder. Kelly being the ever-helping friend and since her boys are away at camp offers for Kathryn's daughter Melanie to stay with her and Patrick. So Kelly's new project begins in helping Kathryn's daughter. Though it seems that life in Kelly's neck of the woods isn't all cherry and that her marriage and life compared to others is solid and stable as we learn Charlotte's and Kathryn's lives are about to become very tangled with one another and Kelly will be left on the sidelines trying to decide what is right and wrong , and what her next move shall be. One thing that I really did like in this novel though was despite what was happening around and in Kelly's life and mindset, she still stayed faithful to her husband and they still had a strong marriage.
This book would definitely fall under the category of family saga and women's fiction rather than Chick Lit. 

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