Review: Homecoming - Jackie Sexton

Review: Homecoming - Jackie Sexton - June 2014

Ariane is the wallflower of her family, especially when it comes to her sisters and she has never had much luck with guys - in fact it is said that the women in her family due to a decision her grandmother made when she was younger were cursed by a gypsy to have bad luck in the romance department and that only when someone in the line could be loved completely and vice versa with an ancestor from the family line that the grandmother rejected would the curse be broken. Ariane's latest love interest has just broken her heart over the internet as he's in Brazil lapping it up with several beach hotties and now it's just in time for her sister's wedding to her high school sweetheart Todd. Liam  is a big star attraction in Hollywood but his heart isn't there and he wants to settle down and make serious films, scripts he actually cares about rather than the continious action puff pieces. When Todd announces his marriage to Liam, it's time for Liam to head home and get away from Hollywood . He has an ulterior motive though as Todd has been sending Liam pictures of Ariane's paintings and he has fallen for her. When the pair meet , he can see her wariness of him but can Liam show her the real "him" beneath the Hollywood star ? Also a twist of fate could see the love curse finally broken with Liam and Ariane.
This was a lovely New Adult Romance and had a hint of supernatural and ancestry history mixed in.


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