Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Ways to Live Forever - Sally Nicholls

Review: Ways to Live Forever - Sally Nicholls - January 2008

With the movie and book "The Fault in Our Stars" released, the teens of nowadays are going through a phase of reading books that are set around the topic of "Cancer".  When you get to my age though, you have read so many books about this topic, that often it can get kind of boring as you are reading the same thing over and over again. However, Sally Nicholls book "Ways to Live Forever" was amazing and was definitely not boring. The book is set around two main characters 11 year old Sam and 13 year old Felix . Both of the boys have Cancer and are dying, so they are home-schooled by Mrs Willis. One day Mrs Willis gives the boys an idea - to write a book . Sam gets really into it and starts to make a bucket list and a book filled with random questions about Cancer, Death and the actual Dying part and begins writing. Felix , the more outgoing one decides to help Sam tick off and complete his bucket list one by one. The book not only focuses on Sam and Felix but also their families reaction to the Cancer issue. Ways to Live Forever was a really good read and it was great to see Tween/Teen Male Protagonists for a change as well. I will warn you readers that be prepared for the ending with the mindset that it is a "cancer story".
This book is really worth reading and fans of "The Fault in Our Stars" will enjoy.

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