VBT# Unlikely Venture - Kristen Luciani

Have you watched the TV Show Chasing Life ? The one where the girl discovers that she has Cancer and then tries to keep it a secret and go forth with life and not let the disease rule her life.  That is what sort-of Unlikely Venture reminded me of . The main character Jessica discovers that she has MS and loses her fiance as he can't take the idea of their future with MS. After this , Jessica decides to chuck herself into work by keeping busy. However, it seems life has a whole different plan for her as she meets James Callahan while running late for a meeting. Jessica doesn't think much of it , just as a nuisance to her day but what will happen when she keeps running into him throughout the next few days ? If one guy wasn't enough , she also happens to run into Paul - a guy whom she got terribly drunk and had a one night stand with. A night that she wished she could erase, but it doesn't seem that easy as Paul doesn't want to forget Jessica and along with James has plans in winning her love. What will happen though when she does fall for one of the guys and reveals her secret disease ? Will she find herself left alone once again or will she discover that she can have both - being sick and being in love and that not all guys are jerks and will run off and leave you in a heartbeat.
Unlikely Venture mixes Office romances, the edginess of having a disease and the planning of the future. 



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